Bandon Angling Association

General Updates

The Public Consultation for Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme Regulations 2017


The Public Consultation for Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Tagging Scheme Regulations 2017 has been released. The Bandon is open and has a Total Allowable Catch of 797. To view the whole document, follow the link attached.

2015 Statistics


Salmon and sea trout catch statistics for 2015. Don't forget to return this year's logbooks by Wednesday!

Season End


Another season done and dusted as the Bandon is now closed to trout and salmon fishing. Amazing looking back at the season and thinking how quickly it has gone by! Some nice fish were reported today with the biggest I saw estimated to weigh 12/13lbs caught on the fly. However, all were stale. Reflecting on the seasons salmon runs, the spring was better and far more encouraging, summer heralded a great run of grilse and summer salmon whilst the autumn was disappointing (an observation echoed nationwide and in the UK). Time to let the fish alone now and spawn the next generation to provide sport for years to come. We hope ye all enjoyed yer season and don't forget to return your logbooks to Inland Fisheries Ireland by October 19th. Roll on 2017!!🎣🎣🎣

Season Ending


Not long to go now as the seasons end is drawing ever closer for both trout and salmon. As has been the theme for the past couple of weeks, a nice few fish to 14lbs were caught, and mostly released, with the majority of sport coming to the fly. An increased number of fresh fish running has been observed, however hooking up with one of these fish has proven to be difficult for most anglers. A good flood over the weekend has ensured that excellent water levels will see us out until the 30th, with the prospect of hooking up looking best on the fly. Tight lines for the next few days!!

More Dredging


Dredging work being carried out by Cork County Council at Bandon Bridge has now finished meaning some of the lower pools are now fishable once again. Tight lines!! Further to this, Inland Fisheries Ireland released the following statement recently with regards to the Bandon Flood Relief Scheme: Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) recognises the essential nature of the infrastructural works being carried out on the Bandon, Bridewell and Mill Stream Rivers as part of the Bandon Flood Relief Scheme by the Office of Public Works (OPW) for Cork County Council. Since early July 2016, IFI representatives from the South Western River Basin District have attended a number of meetings with Byrne Looby (engineering consultants to the OPW), the main contractor Wills Bros. Ltd., and RIVUS, ecological engineering consultants to the main contractor. IFI has made a number of recommendations in relation to the proposed method of dredging, the sediment management plan and solids level monitoring. Inland Fisheries Ireland contributed to the process in order to minimise any potential negative impact on the habitat, fish and aquatic invertebrate populations of the river. IFI is monitoring the trial dredging works and will bring any non-compliance with the conditions set out by the OPW to their immediate attention. Inland Fisheries Ireland has confidence in the expertise of the OPW and their consultants to ensure that the work is carried out with minimal impact to the environment.